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Help us choose the next monthly header!
bluemeringue wrote in remixed

Poll #1636198 Which is your favorite header design?

Which header should appear on the top of LiveJournal?

Actually, I like several of them! :)
The second, the third and the eleventh from the top.

Is there any possibility to change the header every week? :) I mean, the users would chose which one to have as a header for their journal?Well, I guess I am asking too much!

Great job everybody! A feast for the eyes! :)

Edited at 2010-10-25 11:10 pm (UTC)

Good idea! I agree as well.

And from the opposite spectrum, can you please give us a way (without greasemonkey scripts, adblock hacking, etc) to opt out of showing these special headers? I want LJ to look like LJ.

Seconded!! I just wrote this!

I totally agree with Adeliya!!

It could be great to have some options weekly or
even to be able to CHANGE the header winner which you may not like to that one you LIKE.

bcz if the majority likes the second one this month, i dont feel like seeing this sad autumn mood every day.
I would prefer sunshining summer mood expressed by SOGEP (number 4 from above)!!!

THANKS in advance!

coming back to sunshining summer...


2010-10-29 11:16 am (UTC)

oops, sorry! NUMBER 4 from BELOW)))

I think it's worth saying I'm absolutely in love with calistokerrigan's, but these are all gorgeous! Aside from the aforementioned, savaburry's and ivory_and_irony's headers are beautiful as well. <3 Oh, there isn't a single bad one among them!

I love several of them. Is there a way that we could possibly change it up ourselves as paid subscribers?

I'm proud to be a paid subscriber simply because LJ is making so many pretty changes to the site. Good Work!

I'm having a hard time choosing! The scope of options here is just fabulous. There's something representing every facet of the changing seasons! Well done, everyone!

Все какие-то никакие :-/
None of this.

It would be so fantastic to be able to control the LJ header on your journal. As a non-North American the pumpkins mean naught to me and they alienate me from the site.

As a European, I agree wholeheartedly. US holidays =/= worldwide holidays.

That fact bothered me even though I am from the States. I don't like holiday-centric headers because not everyone on here celebrates a given holiday.

If you have adblock plus, you can just designate a given header image for blocking; it won't get rid of it, but you personally won't have to look at it. I did that with the jack o' lanterns precisely because I thought that they were a poor choice in terms of making LJ an inviting and non-exclusive community.

I'm missing something with "NaNoWriMo" on it :(

Voted for the berries :)

While I'm not against autumn leaves and such, living in the southern hemisphere, it would be nice not to have a season themed header.

I agree with this completely.

I really like 1 & 2.

Call me old-fashioned and conservative if you will, but I'm not a fan of cigarettes displayed on the main page of LJ.

I noticed that too. Considering that LJ claims to be child-friendly, you'd think the mods would have noticed them too.

It does seem to clash with their insistence on content warnings...

Those headers would have been just as nice, if not nicer, without the cigarettes :(

I certainly wouldn't want them as my LJ header ....

I ended up choosing marspathfinder's work. It's quite simple but stunning!

I am 100% against them being there, and I'm a smoker.

Not all of us live in Northern Hemisphere!


2010-10-28 10:18 pm (UTC)

Hey, can you please note that it is spring for those of us living south of the equator? The headers seem so American based, ie Halloween. It is nice doing something to reflect the change of season, but as another person said, maybe doing a few different ones during the month?

Re: Not all of us live in Northern Hemisphere!


2010-10-29 10:25 am (UTC)

Totally agree with this. And as someone else above said, it's very alienating.

WE are all defferent, so everyone should choose what he or she LIKES (not majority))


2010-10-29 11:15 am (UTC)

I agree as for reflection of seasons. october - march are the gloomies months of the year, no sun shining, no green grass, just raining, snowing and pufff a lot of cold!!!

i really like to have bright happy optimistic headers full of joy, sun, sea and summer mood like number 4 from below)))

it could be FANTASTIC for everyone to choose what HE or SHE likes.
we are all different, we are all individuals, so we may like different things.

Re: Not all of us live in Northern Hemisphere!


2010-11-01 04:32 pm (UTC)

Aye, the themes do so often have an unrelenting North American flavour. How about something like a scorching hot desert scene for December, and then maybe a tropical beach scene in January, and...

I love all of them but I like the fisrt one the most. ^^

All of them are very interesting. I choose them all!.

The third header is my top choice. Very clean, very crisp. And I love the cluster of leaves on the right-hand side of the graphic. Very appropriate for autumn, I think.

Choose the next monthly header!


2010-10-31 09:49 pm (UTC)

They are beautifully designed banners/headers; it's a difficult decision.

Having just double checked that I was not amongst the finalists (which I knew but wanted to make extra sure) ... I believe I received extra tokens in error :(.

Wanted to let you know so someone can fix that. Or if not, I will happily pass these along to a friend.

Are these all the finalists?

I noticed that since Sep 14, members had started submitting their entries for October Header, are these finalists picked from those entries too, or are these solely from October entries?

Is there no Group of Entries posts anymore? Like this one:

TYIA for the answers.

Where do applicants get the logo & text for LiveJournal? Is there an official copy, or do they snag & edit from a regular header?

Look in the community profile.

why not put up all 10 each month and let people choose from that 10, plus the regular 'generic' one?

have a default, or people can choose 1-10...or choose, header 3, for example, then every month they automatically get #3, unless they choose another

wouldn't that accommodate the 'spring/fall/summer/bleery/cheery/red/blue/green....etc' preferences that folks have?


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