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Halloween header design contest!
mike wrote in remixed
Great submissions, everyone! The submission window for the Halloween header design contest is now closed. The finalist poll is up and awaits your discerning eye. Please take a moment to vote for your favorite header design! The poll will remain open until Monday, October 3rd. The winning submission and the finalists will receive 2500 and 1000 tokens respectively. Good luck, finalists!

This poll is closed.

Which header would you like to see on the top of LiveJournal during the last part of October?


Thank you so much for taking my header to the poll. ♥

Wow, I never thought I'd be nominated! Thank you!

Yours is my favorite! :3

Wow, I never expected to be in last five. Thank you! :)

(Deleted comment)
i love yours so much i am determined to use it even if it doesn't win (with the help of the lj bannering greasemonkey script). would you be able to post a version with no writing on it? (lj logo is fine; just no navigation text.) thanks if so!! :)

Awww, thank you so much! :D

with the help of the lj bannering greasemonkey script
That is possible? I didn't even know it. Can you link me to the code, please?

And here you go:

the original script is here:, which replaces whatever the current banner is with the simple blue default. i haven't fiddled with the code yet because i wasn't sure the exact size of the image i'd be using, but basically you'd need to replace the url of the image and then probably reposition a bit.

and thank you! :D

+100, супер, мне очень нравится..))
С уважением..__

однозначно 3 вариант.
number three actually deserve the first place!
good luck!

(Deleted comment)
нужно верить в себя :) и просить з себя голосовать :)
it is needed to believe in itself:) and to ask з itself to vote:)

извините меня за мой английский. перевожу он-лайн
you will excuse my English, I transfer on-line

oops! sorry
it is needed to believe in itself:) and to ask for itself to vote:)

Me too, I'm also disappointed.

Out of curiosity, do votes that the contestants are giving themselves count too? Because I think that would be rather an oversight.

I don't know (I'm not on staff), but I haven't seen any contests won by just one vote, so it may not matter.

All the entries looked great! Good luck to everyone! ^^

Picking just one was a challenge! All of the artists did a great job!

I don't usually have much trouble picking a banner, but I sure did this time! They're all so beautiful! Congrats to all the nominees.

Oh man I love all of them! So great!

Hard to choose just one, they all look really good! Can't wait to see who'll be the finalist :)

These are actually all quite lovely and appropriate -- but I think Entry 5 is just classiest. :)

I was really torn between #2 and #4 - #4 has the dark blue color that I associate with LJ (which I think is good; brand consistency), but I'm not sure what color fonts would work over the colorful side of the image for the actual navigation. I picked #2 in the end because of that.

Thank you for your vote. ;)

Voted for xtine005, simple and easy.
Good luck to all contestant. :)

Oh noooes! The last header is going to win.
I like the first by by ileliberte.

I was in doubt between #3 and #5 and finally voted for #3.
N5 is very fresh purple color is not common for LJ that's why it would be great, but big moon of the right as a background can cause light font text be hardly readable.
N2 and 4 are too contrast that's why they would also have the same problems with visualisation of eighther light or dark fonts. #1 is very nice, but I believe I've seen this somewhere... not sure))).
So my vote is #3!

Thank you for the vote. :)

Just a little feedback - those are rather small and hard to see. =/

each header in the poll is linked to its original entry, which has the full-size version. (or if you're in firefox, you can right-click on one and select View Image.)

I just found out about this contest... (dust self off from being under a rock...)
I like the Header by vox_mortem... the pumpkin is so cute... (voted)
Good luck to all the finalists...!!! (^_^)Y

The last one is the best one :D

Третий вариант от mercscilla +100, должен
занять первое место, мне очень понравился..
С уважением из России (Санкт-Петербург).))

For once I like all the header options and will be happy with whatever wins. :)

I debated between #3 and #5 for a while but eventually went with #5 because I like dark purple and don't remember us ever having a banner that colour.

the Second got my vote.
We need Pumpkins on Halloween :D

I think they're all really awesome. And hey, Presidential candidates vote for themselves, so why shouldn't these artists get to vote for their work?

Halloween upon the horizon . . .
Why can't all the banners be used? This is so hard! :O

The second one is my absolute favorite. I liked number 4 as well, but the realistic pumpkins in number 2 just make it look better. =]


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