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Vote for your favorite header design!
bluemeringue wrote in remixed

Poll #1647964 Which is your favorite header design?

Which header should appear on the top of LiveJournal?

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Great (

None of them, really. Can I get the standard blue header back? Or keep the meteor shower one that is on currently?

I would love to keep the meteor shower too!

I pity people in the Southern Hemisphere who have to deal with the Northern's weather headers....

I have LJFriends in Australia and am in the UK myself. This means that it is not only the Russians who do not want USian holidays paraded on our LJ header. Some of my LJFriends are also pagan or otherwise not likely to want to celebrate "The Holidays" as many in the US do. Please, LJ, give us a chance to turn off these seasonal headers or chose our own!

I'm another that says just use the default blue please.

for the standard one.

When are you people going to realise that half of the world is not in winter?

Seasonal headers ftl.

Well, half of the world IS in winter. Just vote for one that isn't seasonal, and start submitting ones (or suggest to friends) that aren't seasonal to vote on. being proactive ftw.

or you know... bail out to another blogging program like all our southern friends are and leave LJ to the russians and the americans?

I'm surrounded by drought laden fields of dry wheat right now. It never snows here, and we certainly won't be having a white christmas unless a bush fire sends up a heap of ash...

the ones I like never win ;~;

Please go back to a regular header. A "seasonal" one was fun once in a while for a couple of days around a holiday. Sort of. This is just obnoxious.

Seeing as how LJ is a US based website I don't see how it's so 'obnoxious' to have a seasonal header based on our current weather. :p

However, the one I like isn't winning so I really don't care at this point.

...US "based" not US "only". Not even Northern Hemisphere only. There are many people from places where it doesn't snow, or from Austrlia (like me), New Zealand and more. Plus there is a fact it's not us OWNED anymore, anyway... and that if you go by that reasoning, both my domains are Us and I should dress them accordingly...

Mind you it's not like it's just LJ doing it, but that doesn't make it less irritating.

And I kind of miss the plain header...

I love so many of these, but I *LOVE* the purple one! :D

Snow is so obvious. Kudos to the birch forest.

This. It might be because my country is in the middle of summer, but I am sick of seeing snowy pictures. Even non-snow cards are getting hard to find.

I went for the snowy firs. Beautiful! They all are, really. :-)

Just because LJ is 'based' in the North, doesn't mean people all over the world don't use it. It's 'obnoxious' because it appears the people in the North only care about themselves. Why should the people in the South not have a header based on their current weather?

Here's a suggestion: Pick a couple of headers... one for the North and one for the South, so depending on where you are located depends on what header you see.

A few people don't make an entire populous :/ All of mine have been texture work.

I liked the design of gena_zaharov's (fourth from the top) because he's just creepy, but I'm afraid of winter

I don't like any of these. I wouldn't mind just having the default blue. I think the first couple of headers LJ has had made by different users were good, but after that, they've been getting worse.

Suddenly, I feel like submitting a plain solid black or blue header for the next contest.

Edited at 2010-11-24 12:22 am (UTC)

I feel like submitting a plain solid black or blue header for the next contest.

considering how many people always comment wishing for the option to go back to the default blue, you might actually win.

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