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Vote for your favorite header design!
bluemeringue wrote in remixed

Poll #1647964 Which is your favorite header design?

Which header should appear on the top of LiveJournal?

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Some people are totally just debbie downers! I say bring on these designed headers. They look so much better than that default blue everyone is fighting to have back! =P

LOL. i also don't get the point of complaining about the headers.. as if we stare at it all the time we're here in LJ. i believe this is done just for fun. so why take it in a negative way??


Just as long as we don't go back to those hideous red leaves we had to endure throughout October, it's all fine. Snow, birch trees, whatever, just don't make our eyes water.

i vote for making headers optional. I would be just fine having the blue one back.

I say we should have an option to use either the special header of the month, or the default one. Maybe that could work?

or TWO or THREE special headers of the month
for those who don't want the default one back
(me in particular :-))

I don't really mind about headers. But its better for me to choose any (calm) one than have a default blue. Staring on somebody's efforts...why not?

Can I suggest that, rather than complain that you would prefer this was done a different way, you people who don't like this should submit your suggestions as feedback. I'm sure if enough people ask for it to be optional then they might think about doing it.

I for one have submitted posts about that very subject. Months ago. Still hasn't been posted.

perplexedchick, great job.

I like the custom headers. But it's clear not everyone likes them, so I agree it should be optional. And maybe there could be more than one winner in the contests, so that those of us who choose to have a custom header can choose between a couple of different ones.


The seasonal headers are beginning to irk me, tbh. At first, it was cute and quirky, but now, it's just a plain eyesore. Livejournal needs to go back the regular blue header, that's not a suggestion, it's a statement. And really, the blue snowflakes and teal snowman have the highest vote count? That just goes to show how much immature people are here on Livejournal.

How does this prove anything? :/

I like the last one, nice colors.

Понравилась эта.

I really think the one winning lacks creativity. It's just too easy to think of using snowflakes for winter.

back falk_on

I like it pretty cool especially design i just vote by falk on

I like the headers, I just wish we could have an option to change them at will like wallpaper (from a archive collection of past winners?). This way people would stop complaining about the weather themed headers or having to look at headers they didn't like for an entire month.

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