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Vote for your favorite header design!
bluemeringue wrote in remixed

Poll #1647964 Which is your favorite header design?

Which header should appear on the top of LiveJournal?

None of them, really. Can I get the standard blue header back? Or keep the meteor shower one that is on currently?

I would love to keep the meteor shower too!

Same. I wish LJ could give us an option if we want to use these special headers or the standard one.

+1, although it would also be nice to be able to select a header from any of the previous headers (or add our own, or use one of the finalists that did not win a vote one month).

me four!

I wish we could turn these off - I'm not 'american centric' and really not that keen on a lot of these that show up - I'm not in the northern hemisphere so your 'autumn leaves' was pretty laughable (it was spring here in Oz) etc...

I know what you mean. I'm not looking forward to seeing slow all over LJ.

Me, too, please! I'd really would like to decide myself wether I want the special header or not.


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