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bluemeringue wrote in remixed

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agreed entirely. I doubt that LJ would do a header for other, less "mainstream American" holidays.

What are these American hollidays you keep talking about? u.s.a is supposedly multicultular and full of atheists who join in mixed marriages so I do not see them having "mainstream hollidays". btw.pagans died out in the middle ages, I doubt that ppl who call themselves pagans today worship the nature since they live very far from it and lost every possible connection to paganism. But I guess it's annoying when you don't believe in anything except perhaps money&material things, to put up with so many fakers who don't actually celebrate anything during Christmas/Hanuka/BAjram/whatever but they just want a chance at spending shit load of money and talk about how much they gave for their upcoming trip to God knows to celebrate New year(how did this stupid thig become a holliday outside of Asia, only God knows.At least it makes sense in Asia, but I guess we needed another fake holiiday which basically celebrates nothing so ppl who don't have faith in anything( who cares about religion), can celebrate nothing in a totaly hedonistic and mortal way. I'm so 'looking forward' to that holliday.Not. Anyhow, I just wanted to join in on the rant and speak my mind. I hope you'll all understand what I'm trying to say. I used to live in a real multicultural country( not u.s.a) and man, did the cultures&traditions&faiths clash on daily basis. But I'm telling you this attitude you have leads nowhere. I'm not religious but through my parents I am a member of romanocatholice church.And I do believe in God( not the pope or the abortion censure), three days of Christmass and the two days of Easter mean something to me. It's a spiritual journey for me.I'm offended by these fakers who parade with their Santa Claus&xmas trees&money spending more then you can imagine. When someone congratulates Christmass to me( he/she don't have to be rmk or christian for it to happen) it means I can wish them all the blessings I wished for my own family. You should be honoured that ppl care enough to include you in their tradition(even the fakers), not grossed out&annoyed. Likewise I'm always honoured&humbled by others wishing me well on their hollidays. So I'm just saying I do not need a Christmas lj online when I'm living one in real life(snowflakes, soul cleansing, good will&joy to all around). That much I can agree on. But this attitude, I do not like. Respect others(their hollidays, culture, religion, language) and only then can you except some of that respect&consideration to return to you.


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