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Which header should appear on the top of LiveJournal?
bluemeringue wrote in remixed

Poll #1721282 Header design contest

Which header would you like to see on the top of LiveJournal?

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I hate to admit it, but I have to agree. I don't find any of those attractive - and I don't need to be reminded of my medical problems every time I open LJ!

(Deleted comment)
I want those X-ray ones to win BADLY! Ha, ha, ha!!

I'll take the others though too.

Edited at 2011-03-24 12:01 am (UTC)

I guess I missed the reason for the medical theme. ? I have to go with the little heart-line (#3)--the least medical and at least shows some love for LJ.

--and also makes it easier to read what's written over the top of it.

What's with the medical theme? :S IDGI.

Yeah, I don't get it either. ._.

I agree. I don't like the medical theme, either. What happened to something representing April? April showers?

Yeah, you could do a lot with April showers! Clouds, people and/or animals jumping in puddles, a kid looking forlornly out a window at the rain, kids inside playing games while it rains outside...

These are all pretty awful. There have been months that I've wanted to vote for at least half of them. Eww!~

Worst theme idea ever.

I usually don't comment on the Header contest, but I just had to weigh in as one more voice stating how BAD all the choices are this month!

Seriously, why am I being forced to have banners on top of the page? Not only they are, as a rule, ugly, but they distract from the actual content I am here for.

And even adblock doesn't help much because the background that shows instead of the blocked banner is horribly bright. :/

I want an opt-out of this banner thing, please. (And I am sure I'm not the only one.)

Yeah, I do wish I could select my own header. :(

Wow, some of the comments to this are pretty mean. It's as though people don't realize that there are people who worked hard on these. :/

Voting for the first one. I like that so much time went into it - if nothing else it deserves the tokens.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Was the theme "people are treated for diseases at the hospital"? That makes me feel uncomfortable. I'd rather have some nice tame floral thing, like cherry blossoms or puppies lying in the grass.

I understand and respect the amount of work and talent that goes into making these, and some of them are quite nice-looking, but I agree that this theme is pretty tasteless. There are few good things about hospitals or reasons to be in them, pills and needles aren't meant to be cute or fun, and some shitty Sim game is not excuse enough to remind people of their medical problems.

Ooooh, so it's all to promote the sim game?

Don't like these medical themes.
Loathe games on LJ! Trying to follow in Facebooks footsteps is just FAIL...

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