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Header design contest!
bluemeringue wrote in remixed

Which header would you like to see on the top of LiveJournal?


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There are some really nice submissions this time around.

That said, I just wish people would stop making/voting for girlie looking themes. Not that I'm against girlie - hell, I'm female and girlie can be quite appealing - but I'm just tired of flowers and glitter and female pizazz.

I genuinely believe that a platform like LJ should be welcoming to members of any persuasion and a generic header would be more acceptable.

I really liked the submission by applee_03. It's generic with a touch of shine so I think it works well as an overall choice.

Good luck to all the artists. Thanks for sharing.

Edited at 2011-04-22 11:58 pm (UTC)

agreed. I'm a girl and I'm sick of the frill and flowers (I don't even like flowers anyway!!)

fetish_fuel's layout particularly rocks my world with the clean simple texture awesomeness! <3

Nice to see that this batch isn't overloaded with flowers and stuff. I like this batch; more abstract and vector banners would be nice. But fetish_fuel's banner stands out for me the most, so voted :)

Are people allowed to use images by (other) artists? Ie. one who even disallows saving his pictures on Flickr?

You think maybe there would be, but I'm not sure on that one :/

Chocolate_coke simply nailed my mood: blissed out and feeling like lying on my back beneath the flowers waving in the breeze.

I'm with you, it's gorgeous!

I almost went with fetish_fuel's design, because I love it. However, I don't think it's the right image for lj. The staff are creative and conversational, and the right header would have to go along with the alignment of the company.
I chose the one with the balloon. =]

Very pretty batch this time!

I went for a non-seasonal theme, seeing as how here in Australia it's not all sunshine and flowers right now ;)

This. I'm in NZ and it's just starting to get cold, I don't feel like looking at spring motifs. :P

Many great choices this time around. :)

I voted for the first one, the soft starry one, as it is elegant and not too "girlie".

When I try to view chocolate_coke's I get the Access Denied page. :(

#6 (the clouds) is totally Andy's wallpaper from Toy Story! :)

Yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I saw that! Why haven't people figured out: don't use images that you didn't create/aren't royalty-free! How many times has this happened already?

Eep, it looks like we're gonna be stuck with pink flowers.


Oh, goodie *Raises Eyebrow*

It's kinda sad to be reduced to voting for the ones that are most likely to beat the pink flowers (again!), rather than my actual favourite (Sorry skydiver119 - yours is my favourite). No offence to the artist, but it's a preference, not a fan of pink or flowers - the lack of pink/red in the layout is one of the reasons I prefer LJ over DW.

Why can't LJ have a couple of designs from the polls and let the userbase choose? I end up avoiding my profile page some months.

Edited at 2011-04-29 07:52 am (UTC)

You can change you DW color theme in user preferences.

My vote for 4. It's awesome.

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