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Header design contest!
Calvin Hobbes archaeology
mike wrote in remixed
This poll is closed.

Which header would you like to see on the top of LiveJournal?

by 70

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I made it in the poll? WOW! Thank you!!!

I love showjuro's banner; simple but does the trick. I also love 70's banner too. Nice to see more banners without flowers making it to poll--even if one with a flower is leading the poll... :|
[Also, wow, I made it to the poll--thank you! Didn't expect it, with all the other awesome entries, but thank you nonetheless :)]

OMG a theme that doesn't look based on the Northern Hemisphere seasons is leading!

ha, that was my sentiment too! While everyone else is talking about sunshine I'm freezing in dreary Autumn conditions!

Hard to choose! So many pretty ones!

Amazing selection this month! Well done, everybody! :DDD

Oh god, I hope something BLUE wins. Anything else clashes with the theme.

Voted for idkmybfflucifer, though they're all pretty amazing.

They're all gorgeous! It's hard to pick :P

I voted for the most summer-y, but all the designs are so pretty that I wish they could be resubmitted for other months and other choices.

It would be awesome if we could actually click on the photos and see them real-size, and not have to sign up for tinypic or whatever.

I wish idkmybfflucifer would make a journal style matching that banner. I love it.

most of everyone has a same choice with me. header by [info]idkmybfflucifer is good. I think June has to be black. LJ is rare to made the header black.

this header is rare and beautiful style


2011-05-28 02:30 am (UTC)

i choose the design by idkmybfflucifer.
cs it's different and also beautiful.

oh man, such an improvement from the flower overload of the past few months.

a huge, huge thank you to all these wonderful designers and their creative, gorgeous designs!

honestly, there are so many lovely headers here that I actually really wish we could choose more than one...

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