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LJ Ads Redesign Contest: Rickshaw Bags
ljremixed wrote in remixed

Sponsor: Rickshaw Bags 
Contest Type: Ad Redesign
Prize Pack:

  • Winner: $500 Amazon Gift Certificate, Rickshaw bags, folios and skins, 2,500 LJ Tokens, Eternal Fame
  • Finalists: 1,000 LJ Tokens
  • Participants: 500 LJ Tokens

Rickshaw Bags is a custom messenger bag company based in San Francisco, CA.  They are passionate about their messenger bags, folios, and iPad sleeves and gaining a massively loyal fan base in San Francisco and beyond.

We will award a zero-waste Rickshaw messenger bag, a moleskin journal folio, an iPad sleeve, and moleskin journal, as well as a $500 gift certificate, to the LJ user who designs the winning 300x250 and 728x90 display ads for Rickshaw bags -- to be displayed in rotation across LiveJournal.  The winner must incorporate the Rickshaw logo, available below, into each ad submission.  Voters will choose from five finalists.  See rules here for full guidelines, specs, and info.   

Submission deadline:  July 23, 2010, Voting to follow.

To submit your entries you can post them in a comment to this post-- If you are using Flash you can submit stills of your entries and send the Flash file to Winning ads will rotate on LiveJournal August 16- Sept 31, 2010. Full contest rules can be viewed here.      

Rickshaw logo, design elements, and photos, click here; Rickshaw Photo stream.  

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"The Contest is offered to legal residents of the United States who are currently living in the United States"

): Too bad.

We're actually changing that; we are open to submissions from all countries. Sorry for confusion

How come it's US only? People from overseas can use Amazon gift cards and LJ tokens too :(

It's actually open to those overseas as well- we amended the rules to include those outside the US

Does it mean that we could use Rickshaw Bags' products images(from its website and/or flickr) in the ads?

Yes- we've got more details on the success criteria in the contest rules in the post (and included below), but basically you have free creative reign-- except that it needs to incorporate at least one of their two logos (also posted above via zip file). You can use the items in the file and/or their website and/or their flickr photos-- or even use none of them if you have your own concept. But just make sure you get one of their logos in there . . .

Here are key judging items:

• Originality and Creativity (all creations must be based on original design, graphics, and slogans)

• Overall Appeal

• Likelihood to motivate public to purchase from Rickshaw

• Popularity / Public Vote

Hope that helps

Hi, how do we submit these? Thanks

Hello- You can post your submissions to this comment thread. If you are using Flash then you can post a still shot of your work to the thread and send the Flash file to

We just created that email address so maybe give it an hour or so before sending anything to that. We will post that above as well. Thanks for asking--

I read in the rules that we will have to submit a psd file later. How about submitting a svg file? I don't work with photoshop much; I use Inkscape.

We're waiting on final confirm on this but it should be fine- We will send you a note when we get that confirmation

Hey guys, it's Chris here from Rickshaw Bagworks. We're really excited to see what you come up with. Feel free to use any of our photos an imagery you find on the web/in the zip file and as for a logo try to use our "R-dot" logo included in the zip! What kind of Ad are you going to create? YOU are our customers so we'd love to see what you have in store for us.

This contest actually put Rickshaw Bags on my radar, and that's a very good thing! My wife has been shopping (and shopping and shopping and shopping and shopping) for a messenger bag she can bike to school with, and your Zero bag has literally everything she wants in one. She's thrilled; I'm thrilled; and we can't wait to order. So thanks!

the logo on the site has a white background, can that be dropped? or does it have to be red on white?

also the 'arc' logo, there doesn't seem to be a good copy of it with the bits and pieces. is it usable or just the circle R?

Rickshaw is actually more interested in using the circle R as it's consistent across all their advertising; we would recommend using that one just to be sure. They use it sometimes with white and sometimes with black (like on the bag labels) . . .

My entries:

Good luck to everyone who is joining!


File type fix + Version 2


2010-07-07 06:19 pm (UTC)

Wah, I just realized that I accidentally saved the earlier ones as PNG! I am so sorry!

I have converted them into GIF, here they are:

On the other hand, I wanted to make another version of my same submission:

Sorry for the trouble!

Can it be animated, but not via flash?

Absolutely- That would be your own design preference as there's no preference given for animated vs static-- thanks for asking

i am finding that 40k weight limit is really limiting the quality, is there any leeway in that?

No, sorry- 40k is our ad server's limit per ad, and we are going to circulate the ads on our site after we have a winner . . .

(Deleted comment)
You have a typo in your banner ad.

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