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Which header would you like to see on the top of LiveJournal?
bluemeringue wrote in remixed
Poll #1591835 Header Design Finalists
This poll is closed.

Which is your favorite header?

Да кто вы такие, вообще то? Да отстаньте... Влезли в мой журнал, неведома откуда... Что хотите? Сплавляться? Ну так сплавляйтесь, на здоровье!

Weak this time... :(


2010-07-14 08:21 am (UTC)

Tell the truth there were so many beautiful headers in all polls, but these ones are not the best ones. I barely may say I like any of these. I voted for peacock feathers, because it looks lovely, but others are pretty boring and not really impressive. Previous months' contests had more really impressive pieces of art. And if then I couldn't choose the one because all of them very really beautiful, now I couldn't choose because I had to choose at least something.

Re: Weak this time... :(


2010-07-15 12:31 am (UTC)


i love the one with the chairs!

I like them all, so it's a win situation any way this concludes.

My fave by far is the one made by downthesink. Totally wish I could use it!
(I've always thought paid users should be able to change their own LJ banner)

I'm really hoping it wins. :)

I totally agree about paid members using their own banners. I've been thinking of changing to another journal so I can customize. There are several that offer more flexibility for originality - but I've been at lj for several years and would rather not switch. Having said that, I love the one I'm using now!

Hard decision between 2! The DEEP COLOURED ones! Water droplets on a purple flower, or, the hot setting sun, which i finally ended up choosing. By the time the banner gets up we'll be in the HOTTEST of the year!

You might be, at least half the world definitely won't be.

That was actually pretty tough! I was torn between several of them....

I voted for momokuro because they took it further and did something different with the LJ logo to match the design.

Except for the fact that you're not really supposed to change the logo at all. But yeah, I agree with you that it's a great piece of work.

I love purple so guess which one I chose? lol

I don't like the peacock one :/ oh well

I like several of these, but I vote for the one by tiger tyger because I like the connection to "old fashioned" writing. nice job!

Re: Header Design Contest


2010-07-17 08:03 am (UTC)

I liked that idea too, and would've picked it if it hadn't had that "drop shadow" effect on the logo. Now I went for the different world stamps.

I guess that the Peacock one is the most elegant, I was torn between that and the one by downthesink but then ended up with the colorful one. ;D

PS: I like girlonfire's idea. IF that happens, I would consider Paid. lol


Oh well, I like that one too.

I'm in love with fiendie's. Love both green and iguana!

Вот ить долбоебы нерусские. Нарисовали говнища.)


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