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Look Here Old Sport, It's a Rickshaw Ad Remix Winner
ljremixed wrote in remixed
Congrats to sissaphus for taking first prize in the Rickshaw Ad Remix competition! 

Sissaphus takes home a styling prize pack, including schwag from Rickshaw, LJ Tokens, and a $500 gift card.  Here's the winning submission:

We'll begin circulating the ads on Live Journal this month--Good show old bean.

Congrats to everyone who submitted such amazing art to this Rickshaw contest; you heavily contribute to a great-looking LiveJournal. We will make sure to get your LJ Tokens out asap!

You can also check out our second sponsored contest (a virtual gift mix) here.

Congrats sissaphus! Your ads were without a doubt the best, love em!

Oh I do love these ads :P

Great blog, this could be the best blog I ever visited thi month. Never stop to write something useful dude!.


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