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remixed's Journal

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All things Remixed
In response to your requests, please use the following templates to create your header design submissions. Both light and dark versions of the logo are included in the template.

All header design submissions should be 900x100 pixels and must be your original designs. In order to display properly on friends pages, please post a thumbnail version (400x40) and link to the full-sized submission. Any entries that are found to violate copyright or trademark protections will be disqualified. The winner will receive a 2,500 LJ tokens. Finalists will get 1,000 LJ tokens. We thank you, again, for sharing your passion and talent with the global LiveJournal community.

Here are some guidelines for successful header designs:
1. Background patterns must have good contrast with the logo and text.
2. Images must have good contrast with the logo and text.
3. The LiveJournal logo can only be white or blue.
4. The image must be able to stretch or repeat to fill 3,000 pixels.